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Slip & Falls

Have you been injured because of a slippery floor?

It may be funny to see someone slip & fall on television, but when it happens for real you can suffer serious injuries. Building owners are required to use reasonable care to keep their premises free from slippery hazards. Janitors are required to warn of any dangers they create when mopping or waxing a floor. If you suffer an injury because someone failed to use reasonable care, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation. We can help.

What you should do if you slip & fall:

Slip & Fall cases are difficult to prove because often it is impossible to produce evidence establishing the hazard. The idea is to preserve all the evidence possible.

If you can photograph the condition, then do so right away.
Be sure to get the names and telephone numbers of anyone who saw the accident or the hazard even if it was after the fact.
If you are feeling pain, go see a doctor. If you have medical insurance go to the ER or see your primary care physician right away. If you don't have access to a doctor, contact us and we can help you.
If you are injured, hire a lawyer at your first opportunity.

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